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Her walk is brisk and to the point as she joins me at a table in the back.

She lives up to expectations—flawless skin, no makeup, big smile.

In the new issue of , a source close to the A-list couple revealed Jen now wants to officially divorce 44-year-old Ben — 20 months after they announced their split in June 2015 — because she is dating someone else.

Jen wearing her broken heart sweatshirt on March 2.

, the actress was spotted with the mysterious accountant and a friend, but from the way Jennifer was behaving, she couldn’t care less on whether she would be spotted by the paparazzi.

She’s come to terms with the fact that her marriage with Ben has come to an end and therefore sees nothing wrong with her clear intentions to move on with her life.

Although they separated last year after reports that Ben was cheating on his wife with their nanny, Christine Ouzounian, the two have handled the break-up well publicly.

The "When Jen Aniston and Brad Pitt broke up," she admitted to the magazine, "I was dying to see something that said they were getting back together."As we all know by now, that wasn't the case and Pitt ended up in a relationship (and then marriage) with Jolie.

Jennifer Garner was “spotted with the finance fox outside of office hours on June 4 at So Ho House in Malibu,” the source alleges.

“They were with a friend, but Jen didn’t seem to care.

You’ve seen thousands of photographs of her: jeans, sweater, thick chestnut locks swept up in a ponytail—the definition of what it is to be California casual.

This native West Virginian’s relaxed, unpretentious style has made her arguably one of the most respected public mothers in America and still a draw at the box office.


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