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The North Carolina NAACP State Conference, joined with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg branch of the NAACP and the Charlotte Clergy Coalition for Justice, released a unified list of immediate demands for justice and a call to action Monday night in Charlotte.

Charlotte Crosby has graced us with many hilarious moments during her time in the Geordie Shore house.

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The ad was a mistake on Slack’s part — one that immediately put a yet-to-launch product on equal footing with its own, while still managing to cast a 1 billion company as the scrappy upstart.

For a company that brags about how thoughtful it is about language, this week's letter is a regrettable unforced error.

If you're wishing to view the broadcasts on your TV, we suggest using Apple TV to wirelessly stream content from a Mac or Apple mobile device – or connecting an HDMI cable from your computer or device to your TV.

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Today 4 million people use Slack every day, the company is on pace to generate 0 million in revenue this year, and investors have valued it at .8 billion.

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