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There have been accusations made that Laitman's teachings misrepresent the Jewish faith.

The Bnei Baruch indoctrination is based on two notions. Thought-stopping techniques (to shut down "reality testing" by stopping "negative" thoughts and allowing only "good" thoughts); rejection of rational analysis, critical thinking, constructive criticism. Denial, rationalization, justification, wishful thinking b.

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His teachings present an unfounded history of the Jewish people not supported by traditional and accepted Jewish heritage. Pairing up with “buddy” system to monitor and control b. They function to reduce complexities of experience into trite, platitudinous "buzz words".

2014 (January 1): Bnei Baruch headquarters moved to a new building, owned by the group, in Petah Tiqva.

FOUNDER/GROUP HISTORY In the early thirteenth century, a corpus of texts transmitting a body of “ancient wisdom,” both theoretical and practical, came to be generally known as the Kabbalah throughout the Jewish world.

He insists that the Rav in front of his name is to signify and mean teacher. Manipulate and narrow the range of a person's feelings. Make the person feel like if there are ever any problems it is always their fault, never the leader's or the group's.

However former members consider the title to be intentionally ambiguous.


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