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Google is positioning Duo to make video chat a human experience, and from what we've seen so far they might just pull it off.

In many ways, Google already managed the "best" video chat service with Hangouts.

For many, riding in a dump truck might be a once in a lifetime experience.

Diggerland will take that experience a step further this year with their latest attraction, the Greased Beast, which seats guests, not inside the cab, but in the back of a demolition trailer complete with hydraulic systems poised to bring its occupants 34 feet in the air before a simulated “dump” of its cargo.

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"We were mic'd, and they recorded that, and I think afterwards, in sound, they'll be able to chose whether the live version is better than the pre-recorded version." So there you have it.

The last piece of the puzzle for that solution is to get a stream to be sent from processing.

I was looking for some libaray which can help me to stream video over the lan or internet on my PC.

I created something that was akin to video chat but with a low framerate of about 1 fps. But it worked and no Microsoft or Google spying on our convo either (supposedly).

Basically I have a server that I rent from per month. I reasoned that with AJAX in the web loader I could have gotten better frame rates, and only postage stamp sized video would travel on the low upload speeds of the user terminals, and actually my buddies didn't want their video used at all so they just got chat clients.


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