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Amy Sedaris appeared on the "Late Show" last night and in between deep thoughts on tree forts and barefoot tap dancing, she discussed her recent wedding to a man named Glenn.We don't know if Glenn is real or not, but we will say that this is not the first time she has introduced or killed off a lover while talking to David Letterman.The green-eyed monster takes hold, and you (a) Confront both your lover and your wealthy paralyzed cousin (b) Move yourself into an affordable studio apartment (c) Send your cousin on a cruise to Belize (d) Arrange to have her killed. After your cousin's funeral, you decide to clear some brush from the back yard.Your lover offers to help, and, through no fault of your own, you disembowl him with a chain saw.

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She is known for playing Jerri Blank in the Comedy Central television series Strangers with Candy.After work, she egged the cashier's car in protest.Later, as a cocktail waitress at Zanies Comedy Club in Chicago, Illinois, she was fired for being five minutes late.Her rationale is that she's better off collaborating with friends like Paul Dinello and Stephen Colbert, both of whom worked on Strangers with Candy, or her brother David, an author (most recently of Me Talk Pretty One Day), whose work on the play One Woman Shoe helped earn the siblings an Obie award.By teaming up with people she knows and trusts, sacrificing integrity isn't an issue, and for Sedaris, that's important.For her, DIY is a phrase she uses to describe her work as an actor and writer.


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